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Crochet Basics

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Crochet is a great and relaxing hobby and so easy to learn.  All you need is some balls of wool or yarn and a crochet hook!  Crochet is a combination of easy and basic crochet stitches to create some beautiful lacy patterns or chunky textured crochet work. 

What Are The Benefits Of Learning To Crochet

You will find that your crochet work will grow very quickly and is satisfying and relaxing.  You can create some stunning and beautiful patterns with crochet.

Another great advantage is that if you make an error, it is easy to unpick your work and if you drop a stitch, it is easy to rectify. 

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You can introduce crochet to lots of needlework projects, for example you can crochet fancy motif patterns around a tablecloth to liven it up, so crochet can be introduced in so many different ways.

Crochet Hooks
Crochet hooks come in all different sizes.  Generally, the smaller hooks are used for fine, lacy work and the bigger hooks are used for crocheting chunky and textured garments.

The hook sizes come in either the new metric size or the older UK sizes.  The smallest hooks are 0.60mm (old UK size 6), generally used for fine lacy work and the larger hook size is 7.00mm (old UK size 2), which is generally used for larger, chunky and textured work.  The more commonly used sizes are from 1.25mm (old UK size 3) to 4.50mm (old UK size 7).  You will find hooks are generally made of steel for smaller sizes and plastic for the larger hook sizes.

What Wool Should I Use For Crochet

You can use any wool but generally, the finer the yarn, the smaller hook size you will need.  Yarns that have loose twists that split easily may not be so ideal for crochet work.  Wool can be brought in various weights, commonly from 50g, 100g, 150g and 200g balls.

Try to buy all your wool at the same time, as you will find that different batches do vary very slightly in dyes and colours.  Check your wool quantity and make sure you buy enough desired for your work.  Check the washing and pressing instructions on your wool for future reference.

What About Tension And Sizes In Crochet

Everyone works differently so it is important to check the tension of your work regularly.  If you find your crochet work is too big to the pattern you are following, you may find that your tension is too loose.  Use a smaller crochet hook to correct this and measure it again. If your tension is too tight, you may find your work is too small.  Try a larger crochet hook to correct this and then measure your work again.   It is important to have a tape measure to hand to check that your work is the correct size to the pattern.  Lay your work flat and measure it to check its size.

What Other Equipment Do I Need For Crochet

You will need some scissors and long pins with large, plastic heads to pin your work together for sewing.

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